Episode 27

Published on:

30th Nov 2020

A Quarantini with Dr Gemma Burgess and the digital divide

The pandemic has brought home the desperate need for a UK-wide policy to tackle the growing digital divide. The number of households lacking laptops, broadband and/or the skills to use the internet is higher in the UK than we might imagine. Dr Gemma Burgess from the University of Cambridge has been researching digital poverty in Britain and she tells us about it in this episode. You can read her article here. We also hear from Bristol teacher Jason Gillman who is fundraising for laptops for his students who cannot do their school work when self-isolating at home. You can donate here.

ALSO - we celebrate our favourite band The Old Bones Collective who provide every episode's opening music....

PLUS - we bring you our usual round up of positive responses to the virus from around the world....


Carlos, Seb Gutiez, The Old Bones Collective

Hot Flu, Seb Gutiez, The Old Bones Collective - opening music

Hosts: Melissa Chemam and Pommy Harmar

Producer: Pommy Harmar

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The Quarantini
A refreshing cocktail mix of ingenious and creative responses to Coronavirus together with a dash of the unexpected..
The Quarantini is a refreshing cocktail mix of ingenious and creative responses to Coronavirus. It combines interviews, a weekly round up of exciting ideas dreamed up by people from across the globe, together with a dash of the unexpected. It will charm, excite and inform you and all served up by hosts Pommy Harmar and Melissa Chemam!

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Journalist, reporter and writer for online/magazines/radio (BBC, CBC, DW), writer in residence at the Arnolfini gallery, Melissa also worked on films as a researcher and is a journalism lecturer. She has been based in Prague, Miami, London, Paris, Nairobi and Bristol, UK, travelled from Italy to Haiti, via Tunisia, Liberia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Niger, Turkey, Iraq... She has been working in radio since 2008 and in podcasting since 2018.