It's happy hour!

It's time for a Quarantini!!


Episode 40

Published on:

21st Jun, 2021

Episode 39

Published on:

8th Jun, 2021

Episode 38

Published on:

24th May, 2021

Episode 37

Published on:

9th May, 2021

Episode 36

Published on:

26th Apr, 2021

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About the Podcast

The Quarantini
A refreshing cocktail mix of ingenious and creative responses to Coronavirus together with a dash of the unexpected..
The Quarantini is a refreshing cocktail mix of ingenious and creative responses to Coronavirus. It combines interviews, a weekly round up of exciting ideas dreamed up by people from across the globe, together with a dash of the unexpected. It will charm, excite and inform you and all served up by hosts Pommy Harmar and Melissa Chemam!

About your hosts

Pommy Harmar

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Pommy is a freelance broadcast journalist, radio and podcast host/producer and keen walker. She produces Ujima Radio's Monday Rise Up Breakfast show and The Quarantini Podcast. She has worked as a researcher and before radio, she worked in a women's mental health charity in Bristol UK.

Melissa Chemam

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Journalist, reporter and writer for online/magazines/radio (BBC, CBC, DW), writer in residence at the Arnolfini gallery, Melissa also worked on films as a researcher and is a journalism lecturer. She has been based in Prague, Miami, London, Paris, Nairobi and Bristol, UK, travelled from Italy to Haiti, via Tunisia, Liberia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Niger, Turkey, Iraq... She has been working in radio since 2008 and in podcasting since 2018.